Move-in Day Reminders

Welcome to your New Home

TORC Sustainable Housing is very happy to welcome you to your new home. There are many things to remember when you get your keys and are moving into your new home. This is just a small outline of some of the main things to remember and what to do next.

What next?

-Spilt your keys, give a spare key to your next of kin. Make copies if required. We do not hold any spare keys to your property so if your keys get lost during move in you will have to have the locks changed, this can be costly.

-Visit or call your local Community Welfare Officers (CWO that covers the area where your new home is) and seek the information required for the CWO to be able to assess your application for assistance with flooring, blinds, and furniture.

-Gas & Electricity accounts- set these up in your own name. Failure to do so can result in supplies being cut off or terminated and the cost to have these reconnected can be expensive. Proof of this change over should be provided to you Housing Services Co-ordinator.

-Set up your bin collection, where applicable.

-Insurance, purchasing home contents insurance cover is recommended on your belongings including flooring etc.

-Address, change your correspondence address from your old address to your new home address – Medical appointments, GP, Social Welfare Office, Banks etc.

Redirecting post – An Post’s redirection service will ensure that your mail is forwarded to your new address. This service is generally offered for periods of 3, 6 and 12 months, but you can extend it for up to 2 years. Download the application form (pdf) or get one at any post office. You will need to provide proof of your identity and evidence of your old address and pay the appropriate fee.

Important things to remember

Flooring and appliance installation – ensure the contractors who are providing the fitting services for flooring and appliances are fully insured and qualified to do so. Unqualified contractors could incorrectly fit items which may lead to major leaks and severe damage to new flooring.

Lifts – do not overload lifts when moving in as some lifts will go out of service, they can also go out of service when there is something placed in the door to hold them open. Please advise any delivery drivers of this also.

Bins – if you live in an apartment and your bins are included it is important to remember packaging from large appliances should be removed by the delivery drivers. Offcuts of wood, carpet flooring should not be put into bins and should be disposed of in recycling centres, similarly if you have household goods you no longer want please dispose and recycle these. These should not be placed in bin sheds, fines can be imposed for leaving items like these in bin sheds (Tv, sofa, beds, mattress, kettles, toasters, baby baths, buggies etc.)

Heating – your Housing Services Co-ordinator may of given you a manual if available, if they have not it can be useful to check online or check our repairs section on the TORC website TORC WEBSITE HERE, look up the make and model of control panels, storage heaters etc. as there are multiple video user guides online to make this easier.

TV- most developments to not permit any satellite dishes of any kind or size. If you are thinking of getting sky television, please ask your Housing Services Co-ordinator. Other TV suppliers may need access to locked areas in apartment blocks. Please arrange access to these with your Housing Services Co-ordinator to avoid damage on doors, 24 hours’ notice is normally required.

Parking – Please only park in an allocated space and always use a parking permit if these are applicable to your scheme. Ensure your visitors also abide to this and only use visitor spaces. Similarly, if you have a driveway ensure visitors do not park on the pathway or cause an obstruction with their parking.

Bikes – Please use the space provided to store bicycles e.g., a designated bicycle shed. Do not leave items in communal hallways, stairs, landing or on green areas. If you live in a house, secure these items in your rear garden.

Access Codes/Fobs – Please do not share your access code to your block with anyone outside of your household. This compromises the security of the block for you and other residents. The code should not be given to children. Fobs may have to be ordered from a Management Company so if you require additional or a replacement please keep this in mind, it may take some time to receive a replacement and there is also an additional cost involved in replacement.

Repairs – Please check the repairs section of our Tenant Handbook, this gives a comprehensive breakdown of all repairs.

Enjoy your new home, if you have any queries please visit our website, consult your Tenant handbook or phone our office to speak to your Housing Services Co-ordinator. Please click on the link for all our office contact details. TORC WEBSITE LINK HERE

Keep in touch – when you are settled in why not find out how you can get involved in tenant engagement.  For the most up to date tenant information, competitions, activities, and events please like our TORC Sustainable Housing Facebook page         Is there a TORC Facebook page???

Download this ‘Welcome to your New Home’ page in .pdf

Pets in the Home

There are many responsibilities that come with owning a pet and you need to ensure you can fulfil these before bringing a pet into your home. You need to remember that some animals can live up to 15 years meaning you will be responsible for that pet for 15 years. To keep some pets such as a dog, a licence is required. You will need to ensure that you always have a valid licence.

Rules and obligations.

-no tenant should keep any horses, poultry, pigs, large birds, reptiles, or other animals (other than domestic pets which are not likely to create a nuisance or become a source of annoyance).

-Tenant should not engage in the breeding of any animal within their home.

-Tenant, if permitted to have a pet in the home, should ensure that the living space of the animal is sufficient.

-Tenant should always keep pets under control.

-American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, English Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Mastiff, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rottweiler, Japanese Akita, Japanese Tosa and crossbreeds.

Being a responsible pet owner

-your garden is secure and that your pet cannot escape in any way such as jumping a fence or digging under a back gate.

-your pet has adequate shelter within the back garden.

-you are regularly attending to the maintenance of your back garden e.g., regular clearing of fouling

-you always have your pet under control.

-you take your pet out regularly to go to the toilet and ensure you are cleaning up after your pet.

-you ensure your pet has no means of escape from your apartment.

-you do not leave your pet on the balcony while you are not at home.

-your pet does not spend long periods of time on the balcony even if you are present.

-regular cleaning of cat litter trays to ensure that there are no foul smells within your apartment.

It is worth noting that if you have a balcony, you will need to mindful, there is often small gaps in the flooring of a balcony and if your pet urinates while out on the balcony this will drip down onto your neighbour’s balcony. Therefore, regular walks and visits outside are necessary and why we ask for your pet not to spend long period of times on the balcony.

Being a good neighbour with a pet

If you are concerned about the welfare of any animal in any circumstances, you should contact the local dog warden.

Download this ‘Pets in the Home’ page in .pdf