April TORC News Bulletin



April News Bulletin

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Easter Egg Hunts


Three TORC schemes: Douglas Drive, Pairc Ui Mhuirithe and Presentation Gardens enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunts in the days leading up to Easter. The weather was fussy but generous enough to spare all the residents who attended from getting soaked. There were laughs, giggles, face painting, hot chocolates, ice creams, and most importantly, loads of Easter eggs that were found in no time. We have some serious experts in hunting in our schemes- not one egg was missed!!


Planting Events

Drom Cuilinn



Drom Cuilinn had new trees planted in the scheme in the recent weeks.

TORC have decided to organise a small event to add some colour in the area by planting flower bulbs and setting up insects hotels.

A lot of young residents helped planting the bulbs and worked very hard to make sure the scheme is beautiful in summer. They had a lot of questions and were very proactive and dedicated, learning about roots, sprouts and varieties of flowers grown in Ireland. All the little gardeners used gloves and children friendly gardening tools.

Some credit to the parents as well who joined the messy gardening challenge!

There was still some energy left after to play games and enjoy the sun! Drom Cuilinn- make sure to share photos when the flowers are in bloom, it won’t be long!!



‘Spring in my Scheme’ Photo Competition

As the Winter Photo Competition has gathered a great interest, TORC would like to run the spring version ‘Spring in my Scheme’ Photo Competition. Spring is such a beautiful season, with the nature waking up from the winter snooze. Look around your neighbourhood,  capture the Spring beauty with your camera, and share with TORC to win a little prize!

Both adults and children are welcome to take part!

Please email one photo to getinvolved@torcsustianablehousing.ie before 22nd April 12pm. In the email please include: for children: name, age, address. For adults: name, address, add word ‘adult’.

Best of luck Everyone!!


‘My Health, My Right’



WorldHealth Day has been founded in 1948 by World Health Organisation (WHO) and thedate of 7th April marks the anniversary and is celebrated each yearsince.

The theme for2024 is ‘My health, my right’, chosen to highlight the right to have access to quality health services, education, and information, as well as drinking water, clean air, good nutrition, quality housing, decent working and environmental conditions, and freedom from discrimination.  More information at

WorldHealth Day 2024 – key messages (who.int)



Easter Bingo



Hard luck for TORC tenants this time! Watch out for the next Bingo event later this year!



TORC residents were invited to attend an online training on the 14th March; there were two sessions available: morning: 11am, or evening 6:30 pm. The training was facilitated by Financial Health Club. It  has provided information and advice on managing budget, improving money mindset and ensuring financial health. The feedback was very positive and the questions at the end of the sessions were very pragmatic and educational.

Upcoming Events

1/ Spring cleaning/planting

2/ Residents’ Group meetings


TORC is planning some more events and meetings with residents, so watch out for communication from TORC in the coming weeks!

TORC Top Tip for Tenants

Spring Cleaning- Useful Tips and Information





TORC April Top Tip  is all about Spring cleaning- inside and outside your home. The Spring cleaning tradition goes way back in the past and it refers to the post-winter refresher. The warmth of the spring air motivates many to tackle the annual clean as we want to feel fresh and light in our safe havens. It is crucial to plan the cleaning well and to remember about recycling during the cleaning spree.