Report a Repair

As a tenant you are responsible for ensuring that the property is kept clean and well cared for. If a repair is needed please contact us or our maintenance division.

Alternatively you can Phone: 01-4852020, and follow instructions, Or email:

TORC Housing Repairs Strategy

Repairs are categorised by three categories:

Emergency Jobs

Examples: Smoking fuseboard, heating failure in adverse weather: 24 hour response

Responsive Jobs

Examples: Leak under sink unit: within 5 working days

Routine Jobs

Examples: Dripping tap: within 20 days

Planned Jobs

Some repairs may be actioned as part of a planned maintenance programme

Defects Period

When tenants move into their new home a “Defects Period” may be in effect for the first 12 months. During this time snags and repairs are passed on to the building contractors. Please note that response times may vary as the building contractor is not directly employed by TORC Housing.