Annual Rent Review

In January each year TORC commences a Rent Review process.  It is a tenancy requirement and ensures that residents are paying the correct rent amount for the year ahead.  It’s also an opportunity for us to ensure that resident details on file are up to date.

From January 2024, residents will be asked to complete their ‘Confidential Income Statement’ (CIS) through an online digital platform called ‘Keyhole’. Residents are sent a link by email to complete their digital Rent Assessment in respect of their current household members and income into the home.

Residents need to set up an account on the Keyholder platform before being able to complete the digital Confidential Income Statement.


image of Keyholder platform for TORC rent assessment

There are 3 stages of this process to complete online. Residents must complete all three stages before they can submit their rent assessment.

Stage 1: Confirm your contact details

Stage 2: Confirm the occupants of your household

Stage 3: Confirm the income details for all occupants over the age of 18 & attach evidence of income for each

TORC rent review digital platfrom Keyholder page

After completing the required information and uploading income evidence, residents must click ‘Submit Request’ at the bottom right of the platform. This will sent the form back to TORC and mark it as ‘accepted’ by the resident on their portal. This means the process is completed.


Frequently Asked Questions on the Digital Rent Assessment:

When does the Rent Review happen and when will my new rent be applied?

ln January each year. Residents will be sent a link to a digital rent assessment form and informed of the deadline to submit it. Your new rent calculation will apply from April.

I’m in employment, what income evidence do I need to submit?

Please upload either a copy of your end of year statement or 3 recent payments slips from your employer as evidence of your income. When submitting your income details please only submit your Net Wage, it can be found on your end of year statement or your wage slip. You can calculate your Net Wage by deducting your 3 taxes:  PAYE, PRSI and USC from your Gross Wage.

I receive Social Welfare, what income evidence do I need to submit?

If your income is welfare support, please upload proof of your Welfare. i.e.  the latest receipt from An Post, a letter from your CWO or a welfare statement. You do not need to include the following payments in your welfare income: Winter Fuel Allowance, Living Alone Allowance, Child benefit, Domiciliary Allowance.

If you receive Jobseekers Allowance and work part time (‘X’s and O’s) and receive a welfare payment into your bank account, you can provide your bank statement as proof of this income.

I have a dependant over the age of 18 in my household, what evidence do I need to submit for them?

You must submit evidence to show whether they are in full time education, in employment, receiving social welfare or not in receipt of any income.

If they are in full time education, submit a letter from their school or college outlining their enrolment/attendance. If they are in employment, submit their pay slips. If they are in receipt of welfare, you submit their post office receipts and if they are not in receipt of a payment you must provide a letter from Social Welfare outlining that.

Can you save your progress as you go through the rent assessment?

No, you must complete the digital rent assessment in one sitting. You cannot save your progress as you go along. For this reason, it is very important that residents prepare and have all the supporting income evidence documents at hand before starting to complete the form.

How do I attach supporting documents for proof of income?

Documents can be uploaded in PDF, PNG and JPEG formats. This means that you can take a photo (using your phone for example) of a document to submit. You can also take a ‘screenshot’ photo of evidence on your phone or laptop.

I’m having issues with the digital platform, and I can’t submit my assessment form, what do I do?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the digital platform or you are not sure how to complete it, please contact the TORC Helpdesk on 01 485 2020 . If you think it is a technical issue, its helpful to ‘screenshot’ images of the problem and email them to


I can't do the rent assessment online, can I do a paper version?

Yes, you can request a paper copy to be posted to your house by contacting the TORC Helpdesk on 01 485 2020 or