Tenant Engagement

What is Tenant Engagement?
Tenant Engagement is an opportunity to get involved in your local community and have your say about the services that TORC provides. We are keen to provide a variety of ways for you to get involved either for a one-off event or through more involvement such as joining a residents’ group.

What can I do?
Our aim is to encourage tenants to get involved at a level they are comfortable with and fits in with their existing commitments. You can provide feedback, join a Residents’ Group, complete a survey, get involved in the Residents’ magazine or participate in workshops, training, and fun activities.

Why is it important?
We value your involvement in improving and developing your local neighbourhood. We believe that a strong supportive community helps to make an area safe and desirable to live in. Tenant Engagement initiatives promote community spirit and gives you the chance to meet new people and build relationships with your neighbours.
TORC is committed to listening to you, so that we can make sure that the service we provide reflects your needs. We believe that this builds mutual respect and trust.

What does a Residents’ Group do?
Residents’ groups are set up and run by tenants to represent the views of people who want to make their homes and surrounding areas a better place to live in. The group will meet regularly to discuss issues and ideas, to decide what community plans should be undertaken and to organize activities.

Tenants can find ways of solving problems, can suggest improvements and ensure that the tenant’s voice is heard through close contact with your TORC Housing Services Coordinator and Tenant Engagement Officer.

If you would like to get involved in your local community, register your interest here.

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