Residents’ Group Handbook

At TORC Sustainable Housing communication plays an essential role in how we conduct our business. How we communicate with people not only reflects us as an organisation but the sector we work in. We value our ability to communicate with our tenants and we aim to follow best practice in doing this for the benefit of our tenants and for the efficiency and transparency of our business.

We believe that residents’ groups play a vital role in the communication process between TORC and our tenants. This is why we are committed to supporting the development of residents’ groups.

This handbook has been developed by TORC Sustainable Housing to provide a user-friendly guide to running a successful residents’ group. The handbook will support residents’ groups to create and develop community engagement in their estate and local area.

TORC Sustainable Housing has a dedicated Tenant Engagement Officer (TEO) to support tenants to set up and get involved with residents’ groups.

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