TORC Foundation

In recognition of our commitment to community development, we launched the TORC Foundation in September 2021. It is a fund that assists local communities and residents in achieving social and educational achievements.

Initiatives under the TORC Foundation have so far included the ‘Resilience Campaign’ and the Back-To-School support. In 2022 we launched launched the TORC Foundation Education & Training Fund and it is envisaged that over the next few years, the TORC Foundation will be able to launch a grant to our residents for specialist equipment.

TORC Foundation: Education & Training Fund


The TORC Foundation assists our residents in attaining social and educational achievements through funding. The Education & Training Fund is an annual grant scheme established by the TORC Foundation in 2022 to support residents who are planning to attend a training or education course.

The Education & Training Fund supports residents to participate in a wide range of academic and skills-based training courses. Grants can also be awarded to residents to attend personal development courses.

Awards could range from €200 for shorter courses and up to €1000 for longer courses, e.g., university.

To apply to the TORC Foundation Education & Training Fund, you can submit an application form by clicking here. If you would like further information about the award, please email


Who can apply?

The Education & Training Fund is open to all TORC Sustainable Housing residents and authorised occupants. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for the Bursary and you must not be in receipt of any other sources of funding (e.g., SUSI, St. Vincent de Paul, etc.). More than one occupant from each TORC home can apply. If you applied to the Education and Training Fund last year, you are allowed to apply again this year. You can view the full terms and conditions on the TORC Sustainable Housing website.

What kind of courses does the Education & Training Fund provide grants for?

The Education & Training Fund can fund many different types of courses – both short and long. This could be a weekend first aid or flower arranging course, a diploma course in Social Care or fees for the first year of your university degree.

Can I apply for funding to cover expenses related to studying?

You can only apply for a grant to cover the full or partial cost of the course fees. The Education & Training Fund cannot provide assistance with any additional costs associated with attending a course e.g., childcare, transport or equipment etc.

Can I apply if I'm already receiving funding from another fund or scholarship??

Applicants who already have other sources of funding from funds, scholarships or awards are
not eligible to apply for the TORC Foundation Education and Training Fund. This includes being in receipt of the SUSI grant.

What kind of courses does the Education & Training Fund not fund?

The Education & Training Fund will only fund a course where the student will develop new skills or learning as a result of attending the course. It will not fund a course where you receive a service e.g., sessions of acupuncture/ massage.

Who assesses the Education & Training Fund Applications?

All applications will be read by a panel of three TORC Sustainable Housing staff and an external panelist from an Approved Housing Body – Tuath Housing. The panel will then meet to discuss the applications and decide who will receive funding from the Education & Training Fund.

When will I find out if my application is successful?

TORC’s Tenant Engagement Officer will contact you about the result of your application, approximately two weeks after the closing date for applications.

How are the Education & Training Fund payments made?

The Education & Training Fund payments are made by bank transfer. Successful applicants will need to supply their bank details (BIC and IBAN).

Awardees of the Education & Training Fund will be required to provide proof of registration to their course to TORC, prior to a payment being made. This proof of registration can range from a letter of acceptance from a college or an email from a course provider confirming your booking on a course. TORC makes payments twice per month. It is important that any requests for payment are made one week before the bi-monthly TORC payment deadlines.

Do I need to be signed up to a course already?

No, you don’t need to be signed up to a course yet. On your application form, include all the information about the course you are planning to attend – it must take place in the coming academic year, i.e., between September / October to June 2025.


Evidence of acceptance on the chosen course identified in the proposal of the successful applicant must be provided to TORC Sustainable Housing before the educational fund is paid.

When is the Education & Training Fund available?

The Education & Training Fund is launched at the start of summer (approx. June) every year. Applications are open until August and awards granted in September. If you are told that you are successful in September, but your course isn’t starting until February, don’t worry – we will hold the funding for you until your course is starting and you are able to provide proof of registration.

How do I apply?

Complete the Online Application Form.

Alternatively, you can request an application form to be posted out to you. Email


When is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for applications is:

5pm on August 30th 2024

What are the Terms and Conditions?