Rent is charged in advance and is applied weekly, every Monday. Rent can be paid by the following:

  • Standing order
  • Household Budget (takes 4 weeks before deductions start)
  • On the website using the online payment portal

Every tenant is given a unique 5-digit Reference number, this must be used when setting up standing orders or making an online payment, otherwise rent will go onto another tenant’s account.

A quarterly statement will be sent out by post or e-mail, the rent balance is on the bottom right corner of the statement. Once a year we will send you a CIS form to complete to enable us to re-assess your rent, this is part of your letting agreement and must be returned.

Rent will also be re-assessed if you have a change in household income e.g., Lost job, new job, new person in household. Please contact us if your circumstances change and we will send you out a CIS form to complete to be re-assessed.

TORC’s Rent Co-Ordinator Catherine Forde is based in the Cork Office and is designated to deal with any rent queries.