Tenant Engagement Officer

Bethany Wynne-Morgan

Bethany Wynne-Morgan joined the TORC team in April 2021 and is based in the Cork Office. She is responsible for tenant engagement initiatives in all eight TORC housing schemes across six counties. Bethany has spent the last ten years working in the community and voluntary sector and has experience in project management, communications, case management and advocacy. She has qualifications in Humanitarian Law & Conflict, Anthropology & Cultural Studies, Substance Abuse and Youth & Community Work and Digital Marketing and Social Media.

Bethany will provide tenants with a range of opportunities to facilitate communication and input into how TORC housing services are delivered. Tenant engagement is a two-way process and is a vital component to improving the service we deliver to tenants.

If you would like to become involved in tenant engagement or would like to get involved in setting up a residents’ association or organising an event in your scheme please contact Bethany on 014852020 or getinvolved@torcsustainablehousing.ie