Improving Our Service: The Rent Review Feedback Survey Results

At TORC Sustainable Housing, we are committed to delivering the highest standards in service and customer care when serving our residents’ needs. A key element of this is affording our residents the opportunity to provide feedback to help shape and improve our service. We’re also committed to upholding transparency and making sure that residents stay informed about the progress we’re making.

Annual Rent Review Process

At the start of 2024, all residents were asked to complete a rent assessment as part of TORC’s ‘annual rent review’ process. This year we also introduced a new digital version of the rent assessment using the ‘keyholder’ online platform. We appreciated resident participation in the roll out of this new online service.


In April, after the completion of all resident rent assessments, we asked residents to share their thoughts and experiences with us by completing a feedback survey. The Rent Review Feedback Survey was designed to give residents a platform to voice their thoughts, concerns, and recommendations. This input has helped us understand how we can improve our services and make sure that we are meeting the needs of our residents.

Implementing Resident Recommendations

In response to resident feedback, we’ve already implemented a significant number of changes to address the issues that were raised during the survey. From strengthening the communication and customer care processes to improving ‘Keyholder’ functions, resident input has directly contributed to a more streamlined and resident-friendly rent review process.

We want to thank every resident who took the time to participate in the Rent Review Feedback Survey. The survey results, resident recommendations and TORC’s commitments are shared below.