January 2024 News Bulletin


January News Bulletin

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Annual Rent Review

For the second year running, the process for rent assessment has now moved on-line to a new digital platform called Keyholder. By now, all residents should have received a letter with a link to the Keyholder platform. For any resident who would like additional support on how to use the new digital rent assessment form, please join us at the upcoming Feedback and Information session.

Online Feedback and Information Session on Rent Assessment Process 2024

Wednesday 17th January 2024 at 7pm

The aim of this session is to demonstrate how the new online system works and to answer any of the common questions that residents may have when using the system. Register for the Zoom Meeting using the link below.

Residents can also find out more by viewing the online video which provides a step-by-step guide for completing your rent assessment on Keyholder or by visiting the Annual Rent Review age on the TORC webpage for further information.

Register for online information session
Video Guide

Christmas with TORC

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Upcoming Events

1/ ‘Winter in my Scheme’ Photo Competition

The January season can be daunting at times with freezing temperatures, but it has its hidden gems like frozen flower petals or snowflakes on the window, and no other season can beat the photogenic winter softness. If you enjoy the winter walks during which you like to capture the seasonal beauty around you, share your best photo, enter the winter photo competition, and you may be lucky to win some prizes.

The competition is open to both children and adults. Please send one photo to Info@torcsustainablehousing.ie or alternatively to TEO WhatsApp.

The closing date 12pm 22.01.2024

2/ Resident Group Meetings

3/ Valentine’s Bingo

TORC Top Tip for Tenants

This month’s top tip is regarding the Annual Rent Review. Please note the forms need to be completed before the 25th January 2024.  If you are unsure how to complete the form, please contact TORC Rent department on 01 4852020 option 3. Also remember the webinar session on 17th January 2024 at 7pm. Find the link to register above.