June TORC News Bulletin



June News Bulletin

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The last few weeks were very busy with various events taking place across the TORC schemes. As the sun is out more and temperature rising, Tenant Engagement took opportunity to share some joy and fun with young TORC residents.

Bike Week 2024


Bike Week is a celebration and promotion of the benefits of cycling. It took place from Saturday 11th to Sunday 19th May 2024.

TORC secured a funding of €400 under Bike Week Cork 2024 from Cork Sports Partnership, Cork County Council. Cycle Sense agreed to facilitate two events with TORC: in Skibbereen and Clonakilty. The Bike Doctors from Cycle Sense offered to do small fixes of children’s bikes, checking safety, some educational bit around safety and more.


Bike Week 2024 at Pairc Goodman



TORC and Cycle Sense were in Skibbereen on the 17th May to promote cycling, cycling safety, get bicycles ready for the summer season.

Children and teenagers of Pairc Goodman brought their bicycles out to get them in top shape for the cycling season by very skilled team of bike doctors from Cycle Sense.

Young residents were eager to learn how to take care of their bicycles and helped in changing chains, pumping tyres, fixing punctures and checking brakes.

TORC TEO gave away pipes and bike lights, and had a brief talk how to stay safe while cycling. Once all the bikes were in order, Pairc Goodman young residents enjoyed cycling around the scheme.



Bike Week 2024 at Pairc Thiar


Pairc Thiar celebrated the bike week with Cycle Sense on the 23rd May. The Bike Doctors worked tirelessly on the bicycles for 2.5 hours so the children can enjoy cycling safely. Children enjoyed obstacle course and other outdoor activities while waiting for their bikes to be checked.

The young cycling enthusiasts were gifted pumps, tube repair kits by TORC. They also enjoyed sweet treats.


European Neighbours Day



Over the last fifteen years, thousands of cities, housing associations and charities, some in partnership with their local councils, have celebrated Neighbours’ Day, a day when people are encouraged to bond with their neighbours.

The initiative, originally set up in Paris in 1999, aims to foster community cohesion and create better neighbourhoods where people enjoy living. Across Europe and now even further around the world, over 30 million people celebrate the day every year.





The European Neighbours Day was on the 24th May this year and TORC celebrated it the day before- on the 23rd May in Clairin.  TORC invited residents to share their food and have a picnic and games. Two residents brought home made sweet treats that are popular in their culture. TEO shared sweets from her country origin as well as the traditional Irish treats.

Children enjoyed the picnic and had great time playing ball games, four in a row and mostly drawing with chalk.


Cluain Ailbhe


Cluain Ailbhe celebrated European Neighbours Day on 29th May 4-6:30pm.

The turnout was exceptional, there were  over 30 children present for the picnic and games. They were very curious about the origin of the sweets and shared  words and phrases from their home countries. The parents residents and other residents joined and some brought homemade pastry and sweets. The atmosphere was lovely. Children enjoyed the gift of bubbles and had fun playing ball games, outdoor games, drawing with chalk and more.

International Children’s Day



International Children’s Day is observed annually on the 1st June and its purpose is to honour children worldwide. It is celebrated as a part of the Proclamation in Geneva from 1925 to stop children’s oppression and deprivation of human rights. In some countries Children’s Day takes place on the 20th November.

Children are our future

Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.” — Maria Montessori

Presentation Gardens



TORC celebrated International Children’s Day at Presentation Gardens on the 4th June. The wind did not spoil the joy and fun. The ice creams and slushies were delicious and the games were enjoyed by everyone who attended🥤

A shout out to Daniel for being persistent to learn skipping- well done

Thanks again to everyone who joined yesterday

Drom Cuilinn


Drom Cuilinn- what an afternoon! What an event! TORC were thrilled to see so many children having fun and joy! Both big and small residents enjoyed ice creams from Shannon Ices

Children had great time playing with balls, blocks, chalk and more

Everyone helped tidy up after- a big thank you Drom Cuilinn


You will find out how we celebrated International Children’s Day at Douglas Drive in the next newsletter !


Residents Association Training

TORC would like to invite you to a free online training on 18th June 5-8pm.

The objective of the training workshop is to provide a good understanding of the roles and responsibilities relating to the management of the residents’ association.

The session will explore the practical elements related to the effective running of a residents’ association and touch on regulatory items such as insurance, GDPR, privacy, banking accounts and financial recording.

The session will be delivered through a mix of presentations and group work/case studies to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to lead the residents’ association successfully.

If you would like to get more proactive about your community, be actively involved in the life of your scheme, please register your interest using this link  https://bit.ly/TORCRAtraining before 12pm, Monday 17th June.


‘Message In a Bottle’



‘Message in a Bottle is a simple idea that encourages people to keep their basic personal and medical details in a common place, where, in cases of emergency, the Emergency teams can easily access them. The information required is very basic but necessary. The Personal information Form is self- explanatory; however you may like to ask a relative, friend, neighbour or carer to assist in completing the form’.

TORC would like to support this idea by delivering the bottles to you.

Please use this link https://bit.ly/TORCMIABto register for the kit and TORC will strive to deliver it to you in the coming weeks.

See more at: https://lionsclubs.ie/service/message-in-a-bottle/ 


Residents meetings


We want to hear from you!

TORC will be reaching out to organise meetings with residents, please respond and send feedback- we value your input!

Upcoming Events

1/ International Children’s Day- Douglas Drive

2/ Cinema for Adults- Pairc Goodman, Pairc Thiar

3/ Road Safety Awareness- Pairc Thiar

3/ Summer Event in TORC schemes

TORC Top Tip for Tenants

Gas Supply Issue- information and steps to ensure health and safety of you and your home.


TORC June Top Tip  is dedicated to the important aspect of health and safety in relation to gas supply in your home.   Please see the details of possible issues you may experience with your gas system. It is important that you contact Gas Networks Ireland on 1800 464 464 (Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm, Saturday 9am -5.30pm) if you have any difficulties with the gas supply. It is also essential that TORC are notified about the issues.