May TORC News Bulletin


May TORC News Bulletin

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‘Spring in My Scheme’ Photo Competition

TORC has launched a photo competition at the start of April, following the success of the Winter Photo Competition.

15 residents have entered the competition, 9 in adult category and 6 in children category: DromCuilin-0, Pair Thiar-6, Pairc Goodman-6, Pairc Ui Mhuirithe-2, Presentation Gadrens-0, Cluain Ailbhe-0, Douglas Drive-0, Clairinn-0.

The winners in the Adult Category were: Angela, Clairin, Lauren Pairc Goodman, Meg Pairc Ui Mhuirithe.

The winners in the Child Category were: Dolly (8) Pairc Goodman, Ahmeed (12) Pairc Thiar, Eric (10) Pairc Goodman.

Special prize for uniqueness and creativity: Mary, PaircThiar

All the winners were sent vouchers of €30, €20 and €10.



Fire Extinguisher testing at TORC schemes in May



Dear Douglas Drive and Cluain Ailbhe Residents,

Vincent from Champion Fire will be testing fire extinguishers in your schemes between 9am and 3pm on:

Thursday 9th May- Douglas Drive

Friday 10th May- Cluain Ailbhe 🧯

TORC Residents- watch out for news regarding tests in your scheme.


Planting Events

Pairc Ui Mhuirithe



The planting event  at Pairc Ui Mhuirithe took place on 24.04.2024 at 3pm, the turn out was great, there were approx. 20 children .The raised bed was prepared for planting  by FM some time ago and it is located at the front of the estate by no. 10. TORC supplied flower bulbs, flowers, shrubs, lightweight soil along with age friendly gardening tools and gloves. The children enjoyed flavoured water, sweets and had a selection of outdoor games and activities such as four in a row or draughts. The little gardeners were very curious and enthusiastic, they were full of questions and eagerness to plant. They also helped watering and cleaning after.


Presentation Gardens



Great turn out and high energy from both children and parents of Presentation Gardens at the planting event on 25.04.24 which started at 3pm. There were two areas prepared for planting by FM-one between no. 5 and 8, another one adjacent to no. 18.


Residents planted a variety of evergreen shrubs, flowers and perennials. One of the residents and TEO shared their knowledge and experience around gardening and planted according to the sunlight needs of the plants. Approx. 15 children and adults joined the event. TORC supplied age friendly gardening tools, soil, bulbs, plants. Children had a choice to play some outdoor activities and enjoyed juices and sweets.


Earth Day



22nd April marked an International Earth Day to demonstrate support for environmental protection of earth’s natural resources for future generations.

The first Earth Day was held in 1970 in the US. Although it needs support on a global level, we can all contribute with small improvements such as reduction of the carbon footprint, recycling, reducing the usage of plastic, walking more and using cars less, planting bee friendly plants and much more.


Look around your household and see how you can contribute positively to saving our planet!




English Language Day


English Language Day is a United Nations observance that was first celebrated in 2010. It coincides with William Shakespeare’s birthday.


The story of the English language began in the fifth century when Germanic tribes invaded Celtic-speaking Britain and brought their languages with them. Later, Scandinavian Vikings invaded and settled with their languages too. In 1066 William I, from modern-day France, became king, and Norman-French became the language of the courts and official activity. People couldn’t understand each other at first, because the lower classes continued to use English while the upper classes spoke French, but gradually French began to influence English. An estimated 45 per cent of all English words have a French origin.


English is often referred to as a ‘lingua franca’ (world language) as it isa bridge language used by speakers of different languages. More than 1.75billion people speak English worldwide – that’s around 1 in 4 people around the world, however less than 400 million use it as a first language. That means over 1 billion speak it as a secondary language.


TORC has both residents and staff who are native speakers and use English as a second language!


World Laughter Day


Dr Madan Kataria organised the first laughter day in a park in Mumbai, India in 1988, which grew to a global celebration of positivity, consciousness of brotherhood and friendship through laughter

Did you know that laughter decreases stress? By laughing, the brain releases endorphins which make one feel happy.  Mentally, laughter can help us feel more positive about life, ready to face challenges and deal with difficult situations more calmly. So do not let anyone dampen your day, and let out your laughter and laugh to your heart’s content


Tenant Engagement- Communication


We want to hear from you!

Remember Tenant Engagement is about residents- your voice, opinions and suggestions matter. Reach out to your TEO via email, sms, whatsapp, phone call, resident meeting, survey and more, share your ideas and have an input in what events, training, initiatives etc. take place in your scheme.



Some useful information how to pay rent arrears

Any outstanding arrears on your rent account can be paid in bulk or in weekly affordable instalments via Bank transfer.

Please reference your rent account number only- see the details below.


Upcoming Events

1/ Cycling Events- Pairc Goodman, Pairc Thiar

2/ International Neighbours Day: Cluain Ailbhe, Clairin


TORC is planning some more events and meetings with residents, so watch out for communication from TORC in the coming weeks!

TORC Top Tip for Tenants

Before You Install the Home Surveillance


TORC May Top Tip  is dedicated to the important rules and regulations in relation to a home surveillance. Residents are entitled to have CCTV cameras and/ or ring video doorbell cameras, however it is crucial that they are familiar with the Data Protection Legislation and understand the rules and legislation regarding permission and operation of the home surveillance system.