The Annual TORC Rent Review Process Has Begun and This Year Its Digital

We are commencing our 2023 annual rent assessment process and this year it will be done through an online digital platform.  The annual rent assessment process is a tenancy requirement and ensures residents are paying the correct rent amount for the year ahead.  It’s also an opportunity for us to ensure that resident details on file are up to date.

TORC Residents will be familiar with the ‘CIS’ form (Confidential Income Statement), which is the document they fill out when they first complete the tenancy documents. For the annual rent review 2023, residents will be asked to input very similar information as on the CIS form, but it will be done through an online digital platform.

Residents will be sent a link by email and by text on the 13th of January 2023 – residents should follow this link to complete their digital Rent Assessment 2023 in respect of their current household members and current income into the home.

There are 3 stages of this process to complete online:

  • Stage 1: Confirm your contact details
  • Stage 2: Confirm the occupants of your household
  • Stage 3: Confirm the income details for all occupants over the age of 18

Residents must complete all three stages before they can submit their 2023 rent assessment. The completed form is due for submission no later than the 27th of January 2023.

Completing The Rent Assessment

When submitting your income details please ONLY submit your Net Wage, it can be found on your end of year statement or your wage slip, you can calculate your Net Wage by deducting your 3 taxes:  PAYE , PRSI and USC from your Gross Wage . Please upload either a copy of your end of year statement or 3 payments slips as evidence of your income.

If your income is welfare support, please upload proof of your Welfare. i.e.  slips from Post Office, letter from your CWO or a welfare statement and If you are receiving the Winter Fuel allowance, please don’t include in your welfare amount total.

For all members of the household over 18 and in college, please attach proof i.e., a letter from the College

TORC Rent Review Information Session And Q&A Event

To assist residents with the rent assessment process, Catherine our Rent Coordinator will be on hand on Monday the 16th of January at 11am to run through everything and answer any questions from residents. The webinar is being hosted online on Zoom. You can register for the event using the sign-up form below.

If you are unable to attend the event and have questions about the rent review process, you can contact Catherine on 01 485 2020 (press option 3 for Rent Queries) or