TORC Achieves a 97% Satisfaction Rating for Services from Residents

Throughout September and October, TORC’s Annual Resident Satisfaction was undertaken by independent market research company ‘Acuity Research and Practice’. There was fantastic engagement from residents with a 69% participation rate. A total of 321 residents took part out of a possible 465. Of these, 297 surveys were completed online and 24 by phone.

TORC achieved a 97% satisfaction rating for overall services from residents. Some keys findings from resident’s feedback includes:

  • 95% were happy with the move in process.
  • 98% are happy with the quality of their homes
  • 96% found it easy to contact TORC
  • 96% were satisfied with the customer service they received when contacting TORC
  • 97% are satisfied that TORC keeps them informed & 95% feel they have opportunities to make their views known
  • 90% are satisfied with the repair service

When TORC’s results are compared with other Approved Housing Bodies the comparison reveals that the overall level of satisfaction at TORC (97%) is 16% higher than the Housemark median for general needs residents (81%) and the rating places TORC in the top quartile. In fact, TORC is in the top quartile for all the measures shown here between 9% and 29% above the Housemark medians.

Housemark key STAR comparison for general needs residents


TORC has focused on ensuring effective and clear communication channels are in place, and that information provided to residents is clear and easy to understand. TORC are proud that some of the highest satisfaction levels with our service include:

  • Overall satisfaction is the way TORC listen to residents’ views and act upon them; and
  • How TORC keep residents informed.

Residents were asked, ‘How satisfied or dissatisfied are you that TORC keeps you informed about things that might affect you as a resident? Such as annual unit inspections, site visits, fire safety inspections, housing clinics etc.’ 97% of residents are satisfied that TORC keeps them informed about things that matter to them as a resident, with 82% very satisfied and 14% fairly satisfied. Just 1% are dissatisfied and a further 2% are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.


Kept informed about things that affect residents

Anti-Social Behaviour

With regards to Anti-Social Behaviour some 81% of residents are satisfied with 4% are dissatisfied and 15% responded not applicable/don’t know. with the way anti-social behaviour is dealt with. In response to this feedback, the TORC team will focus on providing residents with a clearer explanation of TORC’s ASB policies and procedures.

Resident Friendly Report

The resident friendly report contains key results from the survey in respect of residents’ opinions about their homes and the services received. You can view the report on the TORC website here.