TORC Top Tip For Tenants: Annual Rent Review

All TORC households will have received a letter in December 2022 outlining the upcoming digital rent review process. This month’s TORC Top Tip For Tenants takes residents through the most important points they need to know about the Annual Rent Review.

Every year, TORC conducts a rent review for each household to make sure that your details are up to date, and you are paying the correct rent amount. It’s also a requirement of your tenancy agreement.

You will be sent a link to a digital rent assessment form by the 13th of January and the deadline to complete it is the 27th of January. Your new rent calculation will apply from April 2023.

Our 2023 rent assessment process will be done through an online digital platform. The link to the digital rent assessment form will be sent to the lead resident in each household by text and by email. The email will come from The rent assessment form is easy and accessible – you can complete it on your smart phone, a tablet or computer/laptop.

The digital platform will say ‘TORC’ and ‘Keyholder’ at the top of the webpage when you click the link You can upload supporting documents by taking a photo of them (jpeg format).

To prepare, start gathering documents to support your income statement. For example: Pay slips for proof of employment, receipts for proof of Social Welfare payments, proof of college attendance, proof of child maintenance payments etc.

If you need more help, sign up for the online ‘Rent Review Information Session’ taking place on Monday 16th of January at 11am on Zoom. TORC Rent Coordinator Catherine will answer any of your questions. To register, go to:

*If you are not able to complete the digital rent assessment form, you can request a paper version to be posted to you.


Torc top tip for annual rent review