TORC Top Tip for Tenants: Safe Twist Door Locks

TORC have received some requests from residents to change the lock on their front doors due to the flight risk of their children. Although residents are not permitted to change the lock to a ‘key lock’, the TORC Facilities Management team have identified a solution for residents who require additional child safety features on their front door.

The installation of a ‘Safe Twist’ lock is now approved and authorized by TORC. You can find more information about Safe Twist on their website.

‘Thumb Turn’ Door locks

All front doors installed in TORC homes have ‘Thumb Turn’ door locks. Thumb Turn cylinder locks are a kind of lock that uses a key on the exterior side of the door, and a thumb turn on the interior side. They are a convenient locking solution, as you can lock them from the inside without a key. They also offer increased safety in the case of a fire for example as you don’t need to locate the key first to unlock the door.

Approved Lock – Safe Twist

After conducting research on various locks, the TORC FM team have approved the company ‘Safe Twist’ and authorise the use of their lock for residents who require a front door lock with added child safety measures.  Key benefits & features of Safe Twist:

  • Protects young children and vulnerable adults as it restricts them from unsupervised exit of the home.
  • Quick and easy to retro-fit to existing doors
  • Available in sizes to suit most external doors – front, back and side.
  • Satin-chrome finished and supplied with 3 keys.
  • Designed, developed, and manufactured in Ireland.
  • Compliant with EU, Irish and UK building regulations

Installation Process:

  1. Contact TORC by phone or by email to request an Adaption Request Form to be sent out
  2. Complete the form and return it to TORC. Facilities management will review the adaption request and make a decision to approve or refuse the request.
  3. If approved, residents can purchase the Safe Twist lock from . The lock costs €79.99 and this cost must be borne by the resident. It is the resident’s responsibility to organise the installation of the lock.

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