TORC Top Tip For Tenants: Rent Arrears

This month we are taking a look at rent arrears – what happens if you get into rent arrears and how TORC will support you to deal with it. We are covering this topic as some residents have ended up in rent arrears as a result of not changing thier Standing Order in time after the annual rent review process.

The most important thing to remember is to engage with the TORC Rent Coordinator Catherine as soon as you are notified of an arrear. Catherine will work with you to help you pay off the arrear – a payment plan can be arranged. Catherine can be contacted through the TORC Helpline by selecting option 3.

Rent Arrears

It is essential to pay rent – this is part of your Tenancy Agreement. TORC aims to provide support to all residents to pay their rent, but it may be necessary to take action to recover debts and prevent them from increasing. We aim to treat residents who are in arrears; fairly, sympathetically, and in a consistent way, while at the same time ensuring that we collect rent that is due.

TORC understands that residents may be experiencing arrears due to changes in household circumstances- personal issues, illness, debt or other financial choices. If you have any difficulties paying your rent it is vital that you contact your Rent Coordinator as soon as possible. Confidential help and advice are available and TORC will do all we can to assist you and prevent you getting into further debt. It is important that you do not ignore any calls or letters we may send you in relation to your rent.

How To Deal With Your Rent Arrears?

  1. We will notify you of the arrear and ask you to pay the outstanding rent. This will initially be done via text and then by letter (after 4 weeks).
  2. You should contact the TORC Rent Coordinator who will assist you to pay the rent arrears by Bank transfer via online banking or at the bank.
  3. All you need is the TORC ‘IBAN number’. The IBAN and bank details are available on our website in the Tenancy Matters-Rent Forms section.
  4. When making the bank transfer, in the reference section only input your rent account number, not the words ‘’RENT or TORC’’ nor your name or address.
  5. Rent arrears can be paid in bulk or in instalments. Please speak with your Rent Coordinator regarding this and they will send you out an Arrears Agreement form to sign and send back including the weekly amount you wish to pay off your rent arrears including weekly rent.
  6. If the arrear is not paid, the Rent Coordinator will phone or ask to meet with you to reach a repayment agreement with you. The repayment amount will be determined on a case-by case basis and is dependent on your income and ability to pay.

As long as you repay the arrears or comply with a repayment agreement and continue to pay your rent, no further action will be taken.

If rent continues to be unpaid, we may refer the case to the Local Authority, and you may be asked to attend court which could lead to the loss of your home, and you may not be entitled to further housing from the Local Authority.

The Local Authority have the right to take back your home under the Housing   Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2014, if you fail to pay your rent.

infographic on torc rent arrears