TORC Top Tips for Tenants: Census 2022 Information

This Month’s #TORCTopTipsForTenants is all about Ireland’s upcoming #Census2022 on Sunday April 3rd 2022. The census is a count, and account, of Ireland’s population on Census Night.  By law, everyone in the country on that night must be included on a census form.

Census data gives us vital information to help plan for homes, schools, hospitals, transport, age related services and many other services that are needed in our communities and country.  One of the great strengths of the census is that it shows the number of people living in each region, county, town and local area in Ireland, and provides detailed population figures at each level. These help to identify the demand for services both locally and nationally. For more information about the Census 2022 in Ireland, check out

Completing the Census Form

For TORC Residents, your landlord is actually your Local Authority (City/County Council) and we are an agent acting of their behalf. It’s important that you mark box 2 labelled ‘Local Authority’ when answer question H2 on the Census form.