TORC Top Tips for Tenants: How to Add an Occupant to your Household


Written permission is required for any additional persons to be added to your household (as stated in your Tenant Handbook). If you would like a partner or anyone else to move into your home, please follow these steps:

  • Contact your Housing Service Coordinator (HSCO) with the name, address, and nature of your relationship with the person you want to join your household
  • Your HSCO will send you the relevant paperwork to complete. This will include the Local Authority Housing Application form and a request for identity and financial documents.
  • The HSCO may then conduct an interview with you and the prospective additional occupant
  • All relevant information is forwarded to the Local Authority who will then decide whether to approve or deny the request. This can take up to 12 weeks.
  • Finally, you will be notified in writing by your HSCO as to the outcome of your request

* Please note that adding a newborn child to your household is a different process. In this case, please contact your HSCO to notify them of the birth, in order for TORC to keep your household details up to date.