TORC’s Resident Satisfaction Survey for 2023 Begins in August

As part of TORC’s ongoing investment in tenant engagement we conduct an Annual Resident Satisfaction Survey every year. Our resident satisfaction phone and email survey for 2023 will commence next month on August 14th. Residents may receive an email or call to take part in the short survey from an independent research company called Acuity who are conducting the Resident Satisfaction Survey on behalf of TORC.

The survey is one measure of resident satisfaction and delivery of our tenancy services. Last year there was strong engagement from residents with a 69% participation rate. TORC achieved a 97% satisfaction rating for overall services from residents. Additionally, 96% were satisfied with the customer service and 90% were satisfied with the repair service. You can view the full resident-friendly report here.

Satisfaction Survey 2023

The survey staff from Acuity will randomly select a number of TORC residents to complete the satisfaction survey and will contact them by phone or email. Please be assured the survey is legitimate.

The telephone number Acuity will be contacting residents from is +441273 093939 and the email address they will make contact from is

We would really appreciate residents taking the time to partake in the survey and to provide their feedback. There is no obligation for residents to partake in the survey and residents can let the survey staff know if they wish to opt out. The survey is confidential unless residents would like to confirm their name or address.

The data that we collect will be used to provide TORC with valuable information on how residents feel about living in their home and how we can invest in future initiatives and projects for our residents. It will also assist TORC in enhancing our services by identifying specific areas where improvements can be made.

Residents who partake in the survey will be entered into a draw to win a prize. We have five ‘One4All’ vouchers to be won – two vouchers worth €100 and three vouchers worth €50. The five winners will be announced after the survey has been completed.