TORC Foundation

In recognition of our commitment to community development, we launched the TORC Foundation in September 2021. It is a fund that assists local communities and residents in achieving social and educational achievements.

Initiatives under the TORC Foundation have so far included the ‘Resilience Campaign’ and the Back-To-School support. In 2022 we are launching the TORC Foundation Education Bursary and it is envisaged that over the next few years, the TORC Foundation will be able to open a grant to our residents for specialist equipment.

TORC Foundation Education Bursary

The Education Bursary is an annual grant scheme established by the TORC Foundation in 2022 to support residents who are planning to attend a training or education course.

It is envisaged that the educational bursary will support residents to participate in a wide range of academic and skills-based training courses. Grants can also be awarded to residents to attend personal development courses.

Awards could range from range from €250 for shorter courses and up to €1000 for longer courses, e.g., university.

To apply to the TORC Foundation Education Bursary, you can submit an application form. This will be released shortly. If you would like further information about the bursary, please email