Funding Awards from TORC Foundation Education Bursary Announced

“Receiving this funding is a great support to me as this is the final stage of my path to obtain a license which will help me to start my own business. I am happy to find such great support from TORC.” -Marun, Waterford

The TORC Tenant Engagement Officer is delighted to announce the ten TORC residents who have been awarded funding under the TORC Foundation Education Bursary 2022. In November 2022, the Education Bursary Panel awarded a total of €7,090 in educational grants for the 2022-2023 academic year. The funding was provided to support the residents in their further education journey by covering a full or partial amount of their course fees. See the table below for the full list of awardees and the wide variety of their courses.

“This course is a very big opportunity for me and my beautiful country Ireland. I spent 10 years as a support worker but to have a degree in Nursing is a lot more advancement. Thank you TORC” – Chipo, Cork

Application Process

The TORC Foundation Education Bursary closed for applications at the end of October and we received a total of 21 applications. The Tenant Engagement Officer went through the process of shortlisting candidates that fulfilled the Terms and Conditions of the Bursary (a key T&C was that applicants must not be in receipt of other funding and must be applying for fees and not expenses). The shortlisted applications were then sent to the Education Bursary Panel. The Panel (made up of 5 people, some of whom are independent from TORC) used a marking rubric to grade each application and then met to discuss and collate the grades of each application.


Funding from the Education Bursary has the potential to change the lives of TORC residents and support them in their careers. Kirsty from Cork outlines what the funding for her Beautician courses meant to her:

“I am over the moon after being accepted to the bursary for my course, thank you so much. I really appreciate what TORC do for us residents…I am very excited to better myself and add to my qualifications and have the potential to turn it into a full-time career for myself and my family.” -Kirsty

Adriana from Cork is looking to retrain and change her job which the funding from the Education Bursary will help her to do.

“I am a cleaner, people tell me that I do a very job, but I would like to do something completely different. Because I want to work in a beauty salon. With the help of this course, I want to tend up working in a salon to gather experience and why not open my own salon in the future. I am sure that with a lot of work and your help I will succeed I what I set out to do” 

TORC Foundation Education Bursary 2023

The TORC Foundation Education Bursary will be open for applications in early summer 2023. If you are a TORC resident and are interested in pursuing further education, make sure you complete and submit an application once it is launched. 

If you want more information, visit the TORC Foundation webpage or contact the TORC Tenant Engagement Officer.