You Said, We Listened! Tenant Engagement Survey 2022

Tenant Engagement is all about making sure that the voices and opinions of our residents are heard and responded to. TORC is always looking for ways that we can improve our services and we welcome feedback – both positive and constructive criticisms. For 2022, we wanted TORC residents to be a part of the process of designing initiatives that best represent their needs and interests.

In January, residents were encouraged to complete a 12 question survey that covered areas such as training & education, dates/ holidays to celebrate, creative interests, environmental projects and ways to improve TORC schemes. There were a lot of fantastic and varied ideas and suggestions that will now be input into this year’s Tenant Engagement Calendar of Events and into our strategy over the next few years.

Some of the positive feedback that residents left in the open comment section at the end filled the TORC team with pride. A big thank you to all of you who participated – there were also some great suggestions on how we can improve our service which we will try our best to implement over the next year.

“I think Torc housing are doing an amazing job, and glad to be part of the community, keep up all the good work”

“I think the work you do is incredible and a fantastic framework for all such developments.”

“Just to say I love my home and am so happy here. It has been a real life changer”

Below is an infographic that shows some of the highlights and popular answers of the survey.